Bugs in JSesh, corrected or not

Bug in Preference panel

In the "Drawing preference" tab (at least), the value of the last edited field is ignored.

This should be corrected in the next version.

Temporary Workaround

Simply click in any other field after making a change and before clicking "ok".

Caret placement after a ligature

After using "&" to ligature two elements, the caret is placed *one* quadrant after the new ligature (instead of just after the ligature).

Solved In 5.1 and later

Temporary Workaround

not a show-stopper. Simply move the caret.

Import pasted RTF doesn't work for "wysiwyg" pictures

Pictures copied from JSesh in "wysiwyg" mode, and pasted into openoffice, don't contain the correct information for pasting them back in JSesh. In fact, they are always in Pict format.

Temporary Workaround

Use the other modes (large and small) ?

Problem with old versions of MacOS X

Version 2.10.5 has a problem when ran with old versions of Mac OS X (10.2). Download version 2.10.6 to solve the problem.

I won't make it a regular distribution until I have had some reports. Other users: the only change is that some files are ignored by Mac OS if Mac OS is too old to understand them. Anyone who doesn't use MacOS or has at least tiger doesn't need this distribution.

Temporary Workaround

Copy and paste bugs between JSesh and Linux Openoffice

There are really two bugs:

Due to an old bug in linux versions of openoffice (http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=66718) the system I have created for JSesh 2.11.5 won't function on linux. It's fixed in 2.11.6.

The system doesn't function with Openoffice 3.1.1 on Mac OS X neither. For now, you should use Neooffice instead.

I discovered a second bug, but linked to a very particular case (beta version of Openoffice 3.1 on Ubuntu).
There's a bug in one beta version of Openoffice 3.1 for Ubuntu, which seems to have a different idea of EMF files size than JSesh. So when pasting text from JSesh in ubuntu's openoffice, the EMF picture doesn't appear. In fact, the picture is there, but is too large (well in fact, the version I tested seems to have problems with EMF files it created, so this is really a bug).The official openoffice 3.1 from http://www.openoffice.org works just fine, so it might be a bug in the Ubuntu version. The "normal" 3.0 version distributed with Ubuntu has no problem.

Temporary Workaround

For the first bug: Keep with version 3.0 (I think it's still the default one for ubuntu) or download and install the official http://www.openoffice.org/ version of openoffice.

JSesh 2.13.3 doesn't run on Mac OS X tiger

I have accidentally used features of java 1.6 in the latest version of JSesh. Mac OS X tiger (and of course leopard) doesn't support this version of Java. I will fix it, but let's say that it's a bit difficult to remain polite considering Apple's policy for java version. Java 1.5 could still be installed on Windows 98... Java 1.6 can't run on a two years-old Mac.

Temporary Workaround

Send a letter to Apple about their Java upgrade policy. Wait a little, I'll fix it. Meanwhile, install an older version of JSesh.

Problem with W1 sign

The W1 sign in the latest versions of JSesh doesn't display correctly (it's probably a problem in my SVG reading code1). Anyway, a "corrected" version of the sign is available here:


Download it (use "save as") and put it in your personnal hieroglyphic folder (this might be an occasion to create one).

I will post a corrected version of JSesh in a week or so.

(P.S. : I have received no bug report at all for this feature! When there is a problem in JSesh, don't be shy, tell me.)

  1. It is, and it's corrected. Next version of JSesh won't have this bug. 

Temporary Workaround

Possible bug in Word 2008 Mac

Two users have recently experienced an annoying bug in Word 2008. It seems that in some occasions,
word shuffles your pictures. I don't know exactly how it happens, and not when it happens.

As one of the user was importing files from the disk, not using cut and paste, I'm pretty much sure that the culprit is Word, not JSesh.

If someone had info on this bug (was there a patch ?) I would be interested.

I'm a bit disapointed, as I was really glad that Word 2008 supported PDF as a picture format.

Meanwhile, I would add that Neooffice/Openoffice works correctly on all platforms. And if you want better Mac integration (with, say, PDF pictures), Mellel or Nissus writer perform well.

Best regards,

S. Rosmorduc

Temporary Workaround

Problem with latin text at the top of columns

Well, JSesh doesn't handle latin text in columns very well (but, on the other hand, good handling would require significant extensions to the Manuel, as, for instance, rotated text. This being said, there is something which is definitly a bug and not a lack of feature:

If you enter the following,

and display it as columns, each column will be shifted slightly downward from the previous one. Which is not nice.

(Bug solved in development version 2.11. will be corrected in the next JSesh release. Also added margins for texts in columns).

Temporary Workaround

Insert a very small space at the start of each column. You may use ".\1" (half-space scaled 1%).
Note that .\0 (half-space, with scale 0) doesn't work here.


Cut and paste and right-to-left or column text

When cutting and pasting JSesh text in word/openoffice, etc. the text is pasted as left-to-right text.

It's more a unwritten feature than a bug (that is, I know what to do, but I haven't written the code yet).

Temporary Workaround

You can choose how the text will be copied in the menu "Tools/Edit Preference" (see the documentation). Simply choose one of "as one large picture" (which will give you an exact rendering) or "grouped cadrats" (which will give correct right-to-left text, except if there is a mix of latin text and hieroglyphs).