Bugs in JSesh, corrected or not

Coordinates in group are false (FIXED IN VERSION 2.8.1)

The coordinate system in groups (normally 1000 units= 1 cadrat) have unintentionally changed.
Now it seems more like 10000 units = 1 cadrat.

I need to figure out what's going on, but this bug should be short lived.

Unfortunately, it means some groups created meanwhile will become false and need to be rebuilt.
(As far as I can guess, I introduced this bug when cleaning up the DrawingSpecification in august 2008)
The bug is corrected in my own development version. I consider it serious enough to release a new version very soon.

I advise users to use version 2.8.1 as soon as possible, as it fixes the bug.

Temporary Workaround

Print system disabled. Use PDF instead

Postscript printers don't print when some text is shaded. Explanation : when text is shaded, java postscript output is in fact a large bitmap of the whole page (as postscript doesn't support transparency). Emulated postscript driver can deal with this, but it seems that various printers don't like it at all. Temporary solution : don't print directly.

Temporary Workaround

Use pdf output instead, and print from acrobat reader. TODO : propose a shading system which doesn't use transparency, and make it the default option for printing. Printing is currently disabled (which is not a real problem, as you can use pdf output instead).

Redrawing problem

redrawing problem when using the "up" cursor key. The system doesn't scroll the visible panel to the right position (plus, the problem doesn't always appear). After testing older versions, it appears the bug is quite old.

Temporary Workaround