JSesh 6.0.0 (internationalisation)

Hello Serge.

In order to translate the new labels in this version, when do you want that we start the work?

In the JAR files I found the different properties files to translate, but maybe, due to it's a initial release and you can insert new labels, you prefer that we translate the new texts later.

As you want.


How to change the interface language?

Hi Serge

I noticed JSesh installs with the interface language matching the computer locale. I noticed this because I run English Windows XP and a Portuguese Linux distro.

Is there some flag or option to change the interface language, without changing to the desired computer locale first, before installation ?

Some menu option would be wonderful!

Thanks for your help.
Carlos Moreira
Porto, Portugal

Change interface language, 1 vote

I agree with the comment from Carlos about having the option to change the interface language. It should be possible to run JSesh in the language you want, even if different than the language of your operating system.


Ok, it's not currently done.

Ok, it's not currently done. Yet it should not be too difficult to set. I will have a look.

Serge Rosmorduc