Hi Serge - amazing program ;-) There is no jseshglyphs.zip in the programs
folder? I wanted to create a new hieroglyph with Inkscape but can't find
the zipped glyphs...
Thanks Serge,

U9 Error

It appears that Jsesh has an extra grain out of the barrel. . Should it not be only 3?

No error

(just a short note : it's a new topic, it would be better not to use an existing one for it).

As far as I know, Gardiner's font has four grains. Of course, 3 could be the expected number, as Lacau,
for instance has pointed out that "multiple" objets in hieroglyphs where "normalized" in the end of the Old Kingdom to a canonical number of 3.
For instance, W18 vs W17.
However, it seems that grains and water droplets tend to escape this rule.

Serge Rosmorduc


Actually, I should update the documentation : the simple way to create a new sign from existing signs is to type the signs in jsesh, select them
and then export them as SVG.

(appart from that, the jseshglyph.zip file is indeed available. Simply search for jseshGlyphs-6.0.0.jar, copy it and rename it to jseshGlyphs-6.0.0.zip. That will do the trick,
but the first solution is easier).

Best regards,