Bug in the palette

In recent versions of JSesh, when a sign is selected in the palette by using a "phonetic" code, the software freezes when one clicks on the hieroglyph in the palette in order to insert it in JSesh.

This bug is probably quite old (as old as JSesh 6.2.0 probably). Again, don't hesitate to signal me bugs you find in the software.

Please, be accurate : a bug I can easily reproduce is probably a dead bug. So : instead of telling me
* "JSesh crashes on my new computer"

tell me :

* "When I type S42 and then "n" in the palette and select the water-sign, everything freezes."

(It's not a reproach, just a guide to speed up things. In real life, I got first the first report, then the second. And I would not have got the second without the first, so better a bad report than no report at all).

Because I can't do much about the first report (I don't have *your* computer in front of me, but, with the second description, I can try, and finally understand that the problem occurs when a) typing phonetic code in the palette and b) inserting them in the text.

Temporary Workaround

avoid using phonetic codes in the palette ? (or await the bug fix, next week).

(Solved in 6.3.3)