Print Screen (PrtSc) Key

Depending on what you need a glyph-or-more for, and if you are having problems (or) just want a simple graphic, one old workaround is to simply press your keyboard's Print Screen [PrtSc] key to copy your entire PC's current screen to Windows Clipboard. If you only want an open "window" on-screen (i.e., a running program's screen) like JSesh itself, press [Alt] + [PrtSc]. Next up, open your favourite image editor application, e.g., Adobe Photoshop, MS Photo Editor (etc.), and click [Edit, Paste] or [Edit, Paste Special]. NB: With some apps you may first have to click [File, New] to create an empty "canvas" workspace, then paste the Clipboard's content into it. If your image is cropped off somewhere, start again [File, New] with a larger dimension canvas. Et voila!, all you have to do in your image editor app is to tidy-up and crop the graphic from there (even apply some special effects, if desired) and save it accordingly. It is better than nothing.

Exporting glyphs not working properly

I use Jsesh for some time now and only in the last weeks or so the export as image is not working properly. It means I have to find another editor for my hieroglyphic to be pasted into Word documents.
Is there a 'fix' from your side or is it just Windows' updates that messed up the code?
Thank you,
Paula Veiga

I would definitely need a

I would definitely need a detailed description of the problem. When something doesn't work, you need to describe exactly what you do, and
what doesn't work. Many factors can be involved (for instance, Word on Mac no longer understands RTF with pictures in them, so I need to send PDF to them).

Serge Rosmorduc

This being said, picture

This being said, picture export works reasonably well in JSesh. Just remember to select the text you want to export first.

Serge Rosmorduc