Got a browser hijack virus doing a download from sourceforge

This happened back in January of this year (2016).
Now I am concerned with trying to download the current version (on a different pc).

Has anyone seen this behavior?

As I recall - the download just started with only a few seconds warning when I clicked to Sourceforge from the JSesh site. It failed to load the software, but placed a bad hijack virus on all browsers on the machine.

Trying again, I aborted an attempt just now (6/4/2016), because it was on a fast countdown (something like 5 seconds).

Should the download on Sourceforge start immediately or does it require a user input selection to start?

Sorry to be tardy in reporting the hijack experience, it took some time to realize it's severity and then get it fixed.

Thanks for any thoughts and feedback,



Normally, the download from source forge should start without any user selection. You get a countdown, and the download starts.

Sourceforge clutters the download page with buttons which have nothing to do with JSesh. I have considered leaving them. This being said, I just tried (from a mac) and the download was kind of normal.

Now, you can safely download JSesh from the JSesh web site itself. In the "latest release" part, you will get a link

Sorry for the inconvenience...

Serge Rosmorduc