Appendix A. The current sign description system

It is possible to document the hieroglyphs (and in particular the new signs) so that the the palette can handle them in better ways. This is of course useful for your own new signs, but also for "standard" JSesh signs, as the signs information provided by JSesh is currently very partial. User input would be most welcome here, and above all user input by professionals.

The main feature of version 2.4.15 of JSesh is the availability of a user friendly editor for adding information about signs. Starting the sign description editor

The sign description editor is a separate program. To start it:

  • on windows, there is a shortcut for it
  • on linux, there should be one too
  • on mac, go to your JSesh installation folder. You will find the editor in the "bin" folder. It's called signInfoEditor.command.

Please note that you can play and test the editor at will, as long as you save nothing. When you save, the result will be used the next time you start JSesh.