What you can do for JSesh

Free software is by nature a collaborative work. JSesh has currently one main programmer, but numerous people have helped me to improve the software. There is work for everyone on JSesh. Be you egyptologist, serious amateur, or programmer, you can probably help. The best thing if you want to work on JSesh is to contact the author.

Here are a few examples of things you can do :

  • Very easy and useful: provide feedback! Say, as a user, what you find difficult to do in JSesh, what doesn't work, and so on. Suggestions for the menus labels and layout are quite welcome too. Of course, enthusiastic mails about how glad you are to use JSesh are welcome too :-) You can contact JSesh author, or use the forums for that.
  • tell us of the signs you'd like to have in JSesh, in particular signs which are in the Manuel de codage and not yet in JSesh. If you can send us good pictures of original hieroglyphs for these signs (from a fac-simile, or the original wall), it can be very useful too. For instance, I'm looking for a good, monumental version of the M85 sign right now.
  • write translation of JSesh documentation, and update them. Help on writing the "main" documentation would certainly be welcome too, as the present author, as most computer scientists, often uses computer-oriented lingo.
  • send texts for the text database which is included with JSesh. If you detect some error in those texts, don't hesitate to let us know.
  • help with documenting the glyphs. You can use the sign description editor to enhance JSesh's knowledge of glyphs
  • draw signs, and send them for inclusion in JSesh
  • ... (to be completed)