Pending bugs in Jsesh

The following bugs have been found in JSesh and are not yet corrected.

Copy/Paste bug with Word on Mac

It's not a real bug with JSesh, but the latest versions of Word on the Mac no longer understand when a mix of texts and drawings is copied to them (technically, they only take the text part when you perform RTF copy/paste operations). This behaviour is not only specific of JSesh.

The problem is of course that the default way for JSesh of performing copy/paste is by using RTF. This simply won't work (unless microsoft does something about it).

Temporary Workaround

Select "PDF" as your copy/paste format. it works.

It seems at least **some** recent versions of Work can handle RTF copy/paste correctly once again...

PDF export problem (not copy/paste)

When using export as pdf, some latin text (accented text mainly) does not appear correctly.
The problem does not show with quick pdf export or copy/paste (but in fact, the text is rendered as drawing in those cases, so it's not that significant.)

I'll try to see if it's a problem with Itext or with the way I use it.

It seems to be because the font used does not have the said characters, so I need to use the user-selected font in latin pdf output.

Temporary Workaround

PDF output problem for a very specific case of shading

MdC code like

won't render correctly in PDF output, with "gray" shading (you should get a shaded owl, and you get a gray square).

This code is made with a owl sign, with a shading sign from the "shading symbol" menu over it.

The problem is that in the PDF output, I avoid transparency (for preserving CMYK colours), and the gray square is drawn over the owl.

Note that the other shading systems, quadrant based or sign based, don't have this problem.

I will fix this problem when possible.

Temporary Workaround

Solved in version 5.7 for free groups, which were the actual problem pointed out to me: shading is always placed below the rest (forgot to test it for m##//).

A possible solution is to draw the shading first, like this : //##m, or to use other kinds of shadings (the quadrant shading and the "sign" menu shading work fine).

Possible bug in Word 2008 Mac

Two users have recently experienced an annoying bug in Word 2008. It seems that in some occasions,
word shuffles your pictures. I don't know exactly how it happens, and not when it happens.

As one of the user was importing files from the disk, not using cut and paste, I'm pretty much sure that the culprit is Word, not JSesh.

If someone had info on this bug (was there a patch ?) I would be interested.

I'm a bit disapointed, as I was really glad that Word 2008 supported PDF as a picture format.

Meanwhile, I would add that Neooffice/Openoffice works correctly on all platforms. And if you want better Mac integration (with, say, PDF pictures), Mellel or Nissus writer perform well.

Best regards,

S. Rosmorduc

Temporary Workaround

Print system disabled. Use PDF instead

Postscript printers don't print when some text is shaded. Explanation : when text is shaded, java postscript output is in fact a large bitmap of the whole page (as postscript doesn't support transparency). Emulated postscript driver can deal with this, but it seems that various printers don't like it at all. Temporary solution : don't print directly.

Temporary Workaround

Use pdf output instead, and print from acrobat reader. TODO : propose a shading system which doesn't use transparency, and make it the default option for printing. Printing is currently disabled (which is not a real problem, as you can use pdf output instead).

Redrawing problem

redrawing problem when using the "up" cursor key. The system doesn't scroll the visible panel to the right position (plus, the problem doesn't always appear). After testing older versions, it appears the bug is quite old.

Temporary Workaround