Two new utility softwares (Updated version)

Dear all, I have uploaded two utility software, which may be of some use1:

(06/11/10 I have finally published the version I made during my stay at the IFAO. It handles, inter alia, eps files with macscribe codes)

(11/17/09 Important notice: I have just fixed a problem which made the files unusable on a mac.)

  • a converter for MacScribe files : this reads a number of MacScribe files, and produces JSesh files.

    I've tried to write it so that it can read all MacScribe files. Now, I'm not sure it does. If you have problems, please contact me. This will help me to improve the import.

    The next version of JSesh (2.13.2) which I'm about to release, includes a number of new features to support this import. Nevertheless, it's supposed to read all files, but it understands only some part of them. In the future, I intend to have a complete coverage, but it's not the case right now.

    Unsupported MacScribe constructs are : arrows, tabulations, text justification, over-the-line and under-the-line placement.

  • a converter to fix a bug in JSesh 2.4.5 : for a short while, a typo in a version of JSesh (about 2.4.5) gave incorrect coordinates in groups made with the "Edit Group" command. When read with later versions of JSesh, those groups appear with very small glyphs. This small software corrects the said groups.

Both softwares are zip files. Simply unzip them, you will get "jar" files which can be ran by double-clicking on them.

Sources for both softwares will be available soon. The first one will be eventually included in JSesh.

  1. I would have every right to upload useless utilities if I wished so.