Pictures wanted

The JSesh fonts, currently created by S. Thomas, with a few signs by myself, are free fonts. Thus, we avoid copying existing fonts and, on the other hand, we want to copy genuine glyphs.

Of course, as the font needs to be consistent, we often base new signs on existing ones (for instance, most "seated man" signs should have the same head as the chosen "A1" sign, so many new signs are "synthetic".

However, we also seek existing glyphs to include them in our fonts. So, the purporse of this page is to ask JSesh users for pictorial sources for some glyphs. Those sources should :

  • be genuine glyphs, not existing fonts or "made up" glyphs
  • be documented (we want to be able to track the glyph back to the actual monument or publication

Either hand drawing or photographs of the glyph are interesting.

Use the contact form to contact us if you want to help here.

So, here is the list of the signs we currently look for:

the "wasp" sign. The 1988 manual contains a schematic hand drawing.