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1: Pashed

Ramesside Hieroglyphs for JSesh (and others)
The Pashed project aims to create a complete hieroglyphic font from scratch. As there are already a number of good fonts from mainly XVIII dynasty signs, I have decided to create one from mostly Ramesside sources. Admitedly, this is also the result of playing with inkscape and finding how great this tool is.
D45 The D45 sign I had chosen for the "official" fonts is not really typical (the arm is based on D36). I have made a new sign from an original in Sethy the 1st tomb. This is a collection of rendering for this sign, with various solutions for filling the sign. I think I will choose US1D45VERA for the final rendering.
Line Drawings Those drawings are plain SVG files, using mainly lines, not filled contours. They can't be used directly as JSesh signs, but can be used as basis to build them.
Ready-to-use signs