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3: Hieroglyphs by Serge Rosmorduc

Signs by S. Rosmorduc, not included in the Pashed fonts
Here you will find signs I have created for various purposes : complements to the standard JSesh fonts, new signs for hieratic transcription, etc.
Demotic and Hieratic When transcribing hieratic texts, a number of specific signs, which have no hieroglyphic equivalent, might be of interest. Likewise, if one transcribes demotic in hieroglyphs, a number of fac-simile like signs might be interesting. Note: the present signs are displayed in the "left-to-right" orientation. So, in the original text, they would be reversed. For demotic, hieroglyphic transcription is not currently the standard practice (it used to be). But it's really useful to transcribe when learning demotic.
Distribution Signs in the current JSesh fonts which do not come from S. Thomas's font (or have been modified)
G1 A nice G1 sign I saw in Cairo museum.
Other signs Various signs.
Unicode Signs made either by S. Thomas (mainly) or adapted by S. Rosmorduc to cover the Unicode signs.
sup1 There are still a few signs missing to cover the complete Manuel de Codage. Here are 78 missing signs. If I count correctly, the list of signs still missing for complete MdC coverage is around 50 now. Most of the signs are based on drawing made by S. P. Thomas. A few of them were already available, but I had forgotten to include them in the "standard" JSesh library.
various signs (15 august 2010) Various signs: two signs created for some spellings of the word "ogdoad", and a corrected version of O141. The original O141 had the glyphs inside the pylon spelled in the wrong order (r:nw:t instead of r:t:nw). Thanks to Alain Fortier for the bug report (and the value of the sign :)