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Demotic and Hieratic

When transcribing hieratic texts, a number of specific signs, which have no hieroglyphic equivalent, might be of interest. Likewise, if one transcribes demotic in hieroglyphs, a number of fac-simile like signs might be interesting. Note: the present signs are displayed in the "left-to-right" orientation. So, in the original text, they would be reversed. For demotic, hieroglyphic transcription is not currently the standard practice (it used to be). But it's really useful to transcribe when learning demotic.
Image Code Commentaire Collection
Ff100 dot space-filler sign for transcription of hieratic texts
Ff101 horizontal ligne space filler
Ff102 vertical line space filler
Ff110 Sign for "ditto" in hieratic texts.
Ff200 Demotic dot abbreviation for "pA" and the like.
Ff201 Demotic vertical bar, used for instance in geographic names
Ff202 Demotic ligature for n-im