JSesh Registration

What is Registration ?

Registering as a JSesh user simply means sending me a mail (see "contact"), telling me what login you want, and, if you wish so, telling me of your use of JSesh.

I will answer it by sending a reply with a "user id", which is simply a number. This ID will currently be useful when/if you create your own signs for JSesh. It ensures that two different users always create signs with different codes. If I extend JSesh in a more "database-like" way, to include, let's say, a user-created lexicon, the code will also be used here.

Registration also allows you to post messages in the various JSesh forum, and comments on some pages of the site.

Registration is of course free. Your mail address won't be published or otherwise available.

Optionally, you can also tell me a bit more about your use of JSesh. If you are a beginner, and amateur, or a professionnal. This is quite important for me: as JSesh is free, I have only a small idea of who is using it. The only other measure I've got is the number of downloads, but not every downloader is a user, and not every user is a downloader. Plus, it's good for my ego, and a happy programmer is a productive programmer.

Please note that I don't use the list of registered users as a mailing list for jsesh. In particular, if you want to receive news about the project, you need to visit this site.