Copy and paste bugs between JSesh and Linux Openoffice (fixed)

There are really two bugs:

Due to an old bug in linux versions of openoffice ( the system I have created for JSesh 2.11.5 won't function on linux. It's fixed in 2.11.6.

The system doesn't function with Openoffice 3.1.1 on Mac OS X neither. For now, you should use Neooffice instead.

I discovered a second bug, but linked to a very particular case (beta version of Openoffice 3.1 on Ubuntu). There's a bug in one beta version of Openoffice 3.1 for Ubuntu, which seems to have a different idea of EMF files size than JSesh. So when pasting text from JSesh in ubuntu's openoffice, the EMF picture doesn't appear. In fact, the picture is there, but is too large (well in fact, the version I tested seems to have problems with EMF files it created, so this is really a bug).The official openoffice 3.1 from works just fine, so it might be a bug in the Ubuntu version. The "normal" 3.0 version distributed with Ubuntu has no problem.

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