Nouvelles de JSesh

A small problem with new versions of Inkscape


The size of signs made with the latest versions of Inkscape might appear too small. See this bug report for how to solve the problem.

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Thoughts about glyph encoding (V0; work in progress...)

glyphs encoding

In this article, I will try to explain what I think ideal encoding of hieroglyphic text should be. I will then proceed to explain what it would mean in practice.

I will probably write multiple versions of this page, after discussion with users.

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A preliminary JSesh port for Android

Benjamin Wheeler has written a first working port of JSesh for Android phones. I'm very impressed by the result.

You can find it on github. Please note :

  • you can get the source code from the web site, or alternatively download the "apk" file in your mobile phone (I'll post a video about how...

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