Bug in java 1.7 on the mac (fixed)

There is a bug in the latest version of Java on the mac, which cause problems when one wants to select a folder in JSesh (for instance for hieroglyphic fonts).

The folder selector doesn't allow to select a folder, if java is java 1.7: http://bugs.sun.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=7161437

(Short history: java used to be adapted by Apple for the Mac. Now, Oracle does the work, and apparently did not integrate all the code provided by Apple, so we lose functionalities).

It seems that, even though some version of Java 1.7 integrate a bug fix, the official line by Oracle does not.

I do hope they won't behave in the same way for Mac Look and feel in general. So, I did write a bug fix, which should appear in a future version of JSesh (say, JSesh 6.4).

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