Copy/Paste problem with Word on Windows 10 (pending, needing fixing)

Apparently, on Windows 10, some users experiment problems with copy/paste to Microsoft Word when they use RTF as copy/paste format. Some of them have tried OpenOffice to check if the problem was due to Word or to Windows, and copy/paste seems to work correctly in OpenOffice. So the problems is likely to stand with MS Word.

From my experience with Word on the Mac, this kind of bugs tend to get fixed after a (relatively) short time.

EMF copy/paste works fine, though. To use it: open the jsesh preferences menu, go to "clipboard formats" and check only EMF, as in the following picture:

Note that currently EMF pictures produced by JSesh have a margin which is fine for out-of-text copy/paste, but not so good for inclusion in running text. I'll work on it.

Alternatively, OpenOffice/LibreOffice can be used instead of Word.


use EMF as copy paste format. or use OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

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