Closed Bugs

Problem with graphic export as... with new files

Recent versions of JSesh have a bug in their export facility (export as EMF/WMF, probably others too).


  • you create a new JSesh document
  • you save it
  • you select some text, and choose "export as EMF" (or other)
  • you get a nice Error window with a String index out of range: -...

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Menu import from RTF doesn't work anymore

Apparently, I broke something in version 7 of JSesh, and the "import from RTF" or "import from PDF", which create JSesh document back from copy/pasted pictures from OpenOffice, don't work anymore.

I'm going to fix it (it should not be too long).

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Transliteration font preference not recorded

In the latest version of JSesh, choices of new transliteration fonts are not properly recorded. This will be patched in a forthcoming release.

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