Simon001 - D&s

Hi Serge


D&s [space]

fails to tuck the "s" into the "D". The "s" is actually written in front of and more or less on top of the D. The vertical "s" has not been reduced in size and placed into the ligature area of the "D" correctly. The poor snake's head gets cruelly crushed!

D&z [space]

works perfectly with the "z" nicely tucked into the "D" just the same as the "d" in "D&d" does.

Gardiner is actually using "Ds" and not "Dz" for "very own self", "in person", etc. - see §36.

(I am keying in all the exercises out of the book as I progress.)

By the way, "D&H", "D&i", "D&w" all work.

"D&b" comes up with a surprise - the "D" gets tucked into the "b". I don't know whether this is a bug. "D&A" does the same. Of course a real sesh would be using "DA-A" and not "D-A". I was just testing for you.

On the other hand "D&(n:d)-F2" - a real word - is not working either.

If course I know I can use "Edit group" to get there, but I think that at least "Ds" and "Dnd" should be fixed in your next release.

Regards, Simon

As a rule, new ligatures are not a priority for JSesh development, but in this case, a small change in the code makes D&s work. It will be available in the next JSesh version.

Regarding D&(n:d), the correct way is D&&&(n:d) which works.

Serge Rosmorduc

Serge had already told me a while ago that a complete set of ligatures is not a priority yet.

Carlos Moreira Porto, Portugal