Simon004 - Spelling in help doc

Hi Serge

In the help doc that comes with the product "tricks" should be written with ck in English. Unfortunately it's even set in bold type and hits me right in the eye every time I open up. :)

Here are all the mistakes according to an rtf export to MS Word.

is trics sb tricks is faithfull sb faithful is acurate sb accurate is standardised sb standardized (US English) is egyptian sb Egyptian is consonnants sb consonants is traditionnal sb traditional is positionning sb positioning is macscribe sb MacScribe - several times is mecanism sb mechanism - several times is translitteration sb transliteration - several times is coptic, hebrew, greek, cyryillic sb Coptic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic - several times is unicode sb Unicode is latin sb Latin is e.g sb e.g. is winglyph sb WinGlyph (probably)

So now I really did RTFM. :)

I see you can open up a gly file with a simple editor and do "search and replace" so I guess you will prefer to do the corrections yourself.

After all, it's your sacred document so as to speak. :)

But on the other hand, if you want me to ...

Cheers, Simon