User Glyphs Folders

I was wondering if it might be possible to have JSesh be able to access the contents of subfolders located in the designated User Glyphs folder? This would make it easy to quickly install and uninstall large collections while leaving others alone.

Also is there any way of quickly determining which of the glyphs in the ZIPed collection archives have actually been implemented into the "official" release? I had been added entire collections, but found that often the glyphs were already installed.


It's a reasonable idea.

However I intend at some point to create a system to manage "sign libraries" - well, kind of fonts - and to be able to say that a given text wants to take its signs from font so-and-so. So, I don't know if I will implement the system you propose - it would be a temporary solution. As it's easy to write, I might as well do it, though.

Serge Rosmorduc