Current TODO list

You will find below my current todo list for JSesh, as I need it to be somewhere :)

The content of this post will of course change with time. This topic is not opened to comments : remarks, suggestions, and so on can be made in the rest of the "JSesh future" part of the forum.

The topic was started in september 2012. The todo list is roughly sorted by priority. First listed, most important for me.

(more will be added very soon).

A point for discussion is whether or not I remove the "separated quadrants" possibility for JSesh. Users love it, printing shops and publisher much less, as it incurs lots of extra work. At least, some kind of users training is needed.

To do (major stuff)

  1. fix problems in pdf output (when reading them in Jsesh, they are always understood as being of A4 format)
  2. add page layout functionnalities (in particular line justifications)
  3. support for hieroglyphic true-type fonts
  4. (inner change) : rewrite the whole layout system
  5. allow for out-of-quadrant positioning (exposant, over-the-line annotations, non-calibrated signs (for instance seated jackals in many old-kingdom writings)
  6. allow importing svg as separate drawings to avoid the creation of spurious signs (for instance hieratic dotting).
  7. write a documentation.
  8. allow mixed text orientation, introduce sections of text
  9. add RES-like signs groups (RES=M-J. Nederhof's system)

To do (minor modifications)

  1. enclosure drawing (both right and round) ?
  2. embed non-standard signs in JSesh documents.
  3. add a simple system for single-sign centering.
  4. "intelligent" (but on-demand?) sign layout. n:A1 should produce something like n:A1\70 or n\l:A1
  5. add margins to EPS files
  6. display red signs (groups) with underline for non-colour printing.
  7. improve the user-friendliness of the functions which work on a group. For instance, SVG export doesn't work if there is no selection, but fails silently. It would be better for it to work on the current page, for instance.

Technical issues (inner problems I must solve)

  1. fix the way preferences are exported and stored in memory, which is not always logical.

Done in dev. version

  1. added a number of signs still missing to cover the Manuel de Codage
  2. added arrows to indicate text orientation, and menu entries to type them.
  3. add inter-quadrant separation to the preferences.

Done (version 6.3.1)

  1. fix label for filter in palette (not 'transliteration' any more).
  2. line justifications
  3. add the possibility to record and recall pre-composed groups
  4. gardiner codes typing should be case-insensitive.
  5. some signs appeared many time in the palette when searching using code. Fixed.
  6. when opening winglyph files, which are hand-made and can contain errors, if there are errors, read the file line-by-line, and insert erroneous lines as plain text.
  7. open JSesh web site for documentation from JSesh itself (in an "Help" menu)