Shade zone in JSesh

Hello all.

I love JSesh but one thing that I never loved is the way JSesh shades a zone with the grey background. To make professional hieroglyphics texts I prefer the normal style with oblique lines as other hieroglyphic editors.

Well, this is a suggestion.

Yours José Hurtado

Actually, some of the latest IFAO publications do use the grey shading system instead of lines (it was apparently introduced first in MacScribe, and I used the idea for JSesh). With a good printer, it can produce more readable signs, as the cross-line pattern of the usual system doesn't help the reader much. However, there are cases where the current system doesn't work very well in JSesh (in particular, when exporting to graphic systems which don't understand transparency (and which unfortunately are those used in cut and paste), and so, old-fashioned shading with lines will be implemented one day, as an option.

I agree with this user. The ability to also choose the old cross-pattern (oblique) style would be good.

rgds Carlos

Has there been any progress to have conventional hatching for damage implemented in JSesh? It might be nice if it were possible to define the line width in the preferences as well.

I haven't started working on it yet.

Serge Rosmorduc

Hey Serge,

I really feel like this would also be a good feature to implement. Has it been worked into the latest version yet?

All the best,

  • Jason Christopher

The subject says it all. Serge Rosmorduc