Sign lists

A discussion of sign lists for JSesh. What signs are most needed, the way to extend those lists, etc.



The sign D396 is a nice example of the problems we might have with sign lists.

The sign is not in the original "Manuel de Codage", nor in the original (black lead) IFAO fonts. In the Hieroglyphica (and in JSesh current fonts), the sign is made of the eye sign on the "qd" sign (Aa28). Now, ther...

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The quest for L16

I am currently looking for an original picture for the L16 L16 sign. The problem in those cases is

  1. to find what the sign represents
  2. to find where it comes from

The hieroglyphica don't contain enough information for this, but the original Manuel de Codage has indirect clues about the signs o...

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A few new signs asked for

Just for information. I have been asked for the following signs.

the ligature of O6+A21 [see wb IV, 189 (Ht-sr)];

a ptolemaic sign for M40 [see wb I, 127 (ist)];

a variant for E17 [see Wb IV, 136 (sTAt)].

Best regards,

S. Rosmorduc

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Signs needed to write cartouches!


here are very rare signs that I need to write cartouche. I can handle SVGs with Inkscape, in case anyone has some cursory version of these:

A137 (A28 + D36?), A296 C12J, C95A, C98D, C132A, C164F D8B, D10A, D52A, D138, D170A, D174, D182, D237, D266 E11A, E99, F16B, F78, F134 G14A, G132A...

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