Moving to maven and mercurial

if you have monitored the sourceforge JSesh project, you may have seen that there have been a number of changes recently. None of them really change the code, but they clean up the mess that was JSesh code distribution. Sort of.

I have moved to Maven as a build system instead of ANT. The JSesh documentation is no longer built from XML files, as I use this very site to write it now. The mercurial tagged version (20110209) corresponds to the current version of JSesh with minor changes. Further changes will use the JHotdraw framework. They are being worked on.

Programmers out there, if you have some experience with Maven, I'd be glad to have comments on the current distribution.

A short note, as I have just tried to compile JSesh on a linux box running ubuntu: JSesh (as of version 5) requires Maven 3 to compile. Ubuntu ships maven 2, so you need to install the latest one manually.

Serge Rosmorduc