MDC transliteration font problems with iWork 2013

It's not a bug but if you don't know it can be a big problem.

I'm using the MDC transliteration font and the CCER font (GLYPH_I.ttf ) without problems on OS X Mavericks and iWork'09. But, when I upgraded iWork to the 2013 version these fonts were missing in the font list (Pages or Keynote, for example). At the same time, in iWork'09, the fonts were not missing.

Finally, after some tests, I found that you have to add the arabic keyboard into the OS X keyboard preferences and, voilà, I can see both transliteration fonts in Pages 2013.


PROBLEM: I can't see the transliteration fonts in the font list into iWork 2013.

SOLUTION: Add the arabic keyboard into the OS X keyboard preferences.

I hope that this comment may help other people.

Yours sincerely.

José Hurtado

Thanks for the report, I think it will be useful.

Sorry for taking so much time publishing your comment !