Version 5.2.1

JSesh version 5.2.1 is now available !

It's an improvement of JSesh 5.2

Last minute change for mac

A small problem with the installer made it difficult to install new versions of JSesh on the macintosh. This has been solved after the current release of 5.2.1. If you have already installed 5.2.1, and the starting message indicates "JSesh 5.2.1", all is fine. If the message indicates another version of JSesh, I'd suggest you download JSesh again, this should be solved.

JSesh 5.2.1 features

JSesh 5.2 features

The menus and the overall "user experience" has changed a lot. Now, JSesh is ready for 'internationalization" (that is, it can be adapted in many languages).

There are many small (or not so small improvements). Mac users will be happy to be able to edit multiple documents at last.

I now need to write the corresponding documentation :-)

Note that, due to the large number of changes in JSesh, I'd suggest being a bit cautious for those of you who have critical work being done with it (although I haven't experienced any real problem with it).

Please note : this version requires java 1.6, which means Mac users need to have at least snow leopard to use it. I intend to provide for some time a Mac OS X Tiger compatible version, but it's a lot of extra work, and the next version of JSesh (6) will probably not support Tiger.

Désolé, cette version n'est plus disponible.