Release 2.13.7

Version 2.13.7 replaces version 2.13.5. It fixes a small (but annoying, especially for people involved in the late period :)) bug in the rendering of the W1 sign.

About 2.13.5:

It fixes a problem in 2.13 for "old" Mac OS X machines (in this particular instance of reality, "old" means something like two years old).

I had accidentally used features of Java 1.6, which is only supported by Mac OS X Leopard, and JSesh would not start on the older systems. I have corrected the problem - and JSesh should run on Mac from Panther to Leopard again.

I have taken advantage of this release to include new signs:

General 2.13 version features (already in 2.13.3 and 2.13.0)