Release 6.3.2

6.3.2 fixes a bug in the JSesh installer on Windows 7 64 bytes, and adds a few improvements too:

6.3.1 fixes a small bug in 6.3.0, which it replaces.

bug fix : user information added with the SignInfo application was not used in the user interface. Now it is. (if you have downloaded 6.3.0, and if you don't use SignInfo, you can keep 6.3).

JSesh 6.3.0 includes a few improvements:

When you type a text in JSesh, if you want all lines to be the same length, simply select menu "Files/Format/Justify Text". Here is an example of the result with Louvre C14 Stela:

This simple justification system will be replaced by something more refined in the future. This is the reason why justification preferences are not saved with texts. A feature (which might not be that good, but I like it) is that lines which are too short will be centered instead of justified.

Sorry, this version is no longer available.