Release 6.5.1

JSesh 6.5.1 is available!

IMPORTANT: On windows, don't install with java 1.8. Get an older Java 1.7 instead : download jdk 1.7.

Thanks to Mr. Serge Thomas skill, we now have a full coverage of the Hieroglyphica. The forty signs or so which were missing are now available. Thanks again!

Aside from this, JSesh 6.5.1 has mainly a few bug fixes. In particular, it deals with a nasty bug which was found in PDF generation for printing (some signs were not in CMYK format. It might seem cryptic to you, but it's important for printing shops).

(ok, so it seems Sourceforge takes a while before putting JSesh online... Meanwhile, you can download it here: for windows or for other computers)

Sorry, this version is no longer available.