Release 7.5.5

JSesh 7.5.5 is out !

I have uploaded a Youtube video about it.

(If you have problems installing it, please refer to this post).

JSesh 7.5.5 contains a number of improved features :

Improved Search system

In JSesh 7.4.2, you had an option to limit the length of the matched text. Obviously, it was only useful when the search included a "*" character.

Now, this search was slow. I have replaced it with a possibility to limit the length of the text skipped by "*". It's probably more straightforward, and way faster.

As an example, the following search

Example of advanced search

Will look for sequences of signs which start with i-A2, contain either r or rw, and end with A1. The "*" represents a number of arbitrary glyphs. Their number can be limited with "max skip length" (here, 3). The [...] allows to search for a number of alternative glyphs (here either r or rw).

Bug fixes

Data and texts