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JSesh related discussion lists. If you request a user account for this site, you can post and reply in these forums. The forums are moderated, which means that your posts won't appear straight away. I'll keep the content of the forums quite focused, so this is not the place for general discussions. Also note that, as JSesh evolve, I will probably delete the posts which are no longer relevant (i.e. you had requested a feature, and it has been implemented). Currently, there are two forums lists, one on desired features of JSesh, and one devoted to user help.
Discussions (and work) on making JSesh work in languages other than english.
719il y a 1 année 37 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
Discussions about features needed in JSesh
2961il y a 4 années 39 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
help about using JSesh. Questions and answers.
1230il y a 18 semaines 5 jours
par Serge Rosmorduc
Discussions about transliteration fonts and encoding in general
36il y a 2 années 41 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
A discussion of sign lists for JSesh. What signs are most needed, the way to extend those lists, etc.
614il y a 5 années 37 semaines
par Bazzy
Anyone who knows how to program in Java can use JSesh to include hieroglyphs in his applications. This is done, for instance, in the Openglyph software. Now, I admit that the programmer documentation for Jsesh is far from complete. Hence, this forum.
812il y a 3 années 41 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
This forum deals with the various copy/paste exports problems in JSesh. Please, if you meet a problem copying from JSesh to another software, consider posting here. If you have a solution too :-) Be precise : what is your system (windows seven, mac os X leopard...), what is the sofware, what versions are you using, etc...
38il y a 2 années 31 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
This forum deals with problems with JSesh which are specific to a certain machine
Problems which occur on linux
313il y a 3 années 10 semaines
par veigapaula
Problems which looks like they are linked to Mac OS X
613il y a 4 années 15 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
Well, problems linked with a version of windows or another. Anyone said "Vista" ?
22il y a 36 semaines 5 jours
par reinige
Various egyptological questions *related to JSesh* (discussing sign values, and so on...)
412il y a 2 années 37 semaines
par NRamm
Discussions about HieroTeX, an extension for the LaTeX text processor I made long time ago (1993 !), but which is very useful for long texts (e.g. books). HieroTeX has been used for publishing a few books: Dagmar Budde, Die Göttin Seschat, and Vincent Pierre-Michel Laisney, L'enseignement d'Amenémopé. As basically it works reasonably well, little work has been done on it since a few years, but at some point, I'll certainly write a Java engine for producing LaTeX code for hieroglyphs... except if someone feels like doing it right now :-)
24il y a 5 années 9 semaines
par Serge Rosmorduc
Un forum de questions/réponses sur JSesh, en Français.
931il y a 12 semaines 4 heures
par Serge Rosmorduc