JSesh 101 : how to type texts in JSesh

A simple demonstration showing how one can start using JSesh, type glyphs and compose basic groups.

Démonstration de saisie de textes avec JSesh

Démonstration des principales méthodes pour taper des textes hiéroglyphiques avec JSesh.

Creating complex drawings with JSesh and Inkscape

We explain here our to combine the use of JSesh and of a drawing software like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to produce complex illustrations, mixing hieroglyphs and drawings.

This can be useful for the users who want to publish a hieroglyphic transcription of a hieratic document, or a "standardized" rendering of a monument.

Please note that Inkscape is free and runs on all platforms (Mac os X, Windows, Linux).

(Oh, and the tutorial is a bit large, so you might have to wait a little until it displays. If you don't see anything, I suggest you scroll the window down a little bit)

Glyph creation 1: Creating a new glyph with inkscape

This is the first tutorial about how to create and integrates new signs in JSesh using the great Inkscape software.

We explain step by step how to create a simple sign, here "M4", and add it to JSesh. A number of important functionnalities of inkscape are also explained.

Other tutorial about sign creation are forthcoming, but this one explains the basics.

Glyph creation 2: combining existing signs into a new one

This tutoriel explains how to combine existing signs from the JSesh fonts in order to create new ones. It gives examples of rather advanced manipulations of the glyphs. (Note that I no longer include the SVG files as a zip file, although it can rather easily be found in JSesh library. The system is simpler: Just type the signs you need in JSesh, select them, and "export to SVG").

Advanced Uses of the Palette in JSesh

The JSesh palette has many features to help searching a particular sign and finding one's way in the large list of the manuel de codage.

We give here a complete video tutorial of its uses.

Search function in JSesh

The JSesh search function allows you to use search all your JSesh texts at once. If you have many of them, it can be a very valuable search tool !