JSesh Releases

Release 6.5.10

A version which should fix some problems of interaction between Java versions and OS X Capitan.

When launched, asks for the "right" java version to run, if it's not installed.

NOTE : 6.5.10 is basically 6.5.5 with fixes for the Mac. If you download the windows or the generic jar version, you wil...

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Release 6.5.5

JSesh 6.5.5 is out !

Mac users: please use version 6.5.6 below, which is a small fix for the original version.

What's new:

  • bug fix for PDF output: PDF export of files with explicit page break used to fail.
  • sign D280A added.
  • a few new texts: beginning of P. Harris, and Ramses' great ded...

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Release 6.5.1

JSesh 6.5.1 is available!

IMPORTANT: On windows, don't install with java 1.8. Get an older Java 1.7 instead : download jdk 1.7.

Thanks to Mr. Serge Thomas skill, we now have a full coverage of the Hieroglyphica. The forty signs or so which were missing are now available. Thanks again!


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