Release 7.4.2

JSesh 7.4.2 is out !

(If you have problems installing it, please refer to this post).

It mainly improves the search system with new functions.

Here are a few examples.

Search in non-hieroglyphic texts

Search is no longer restricted to the hieroglyphs. If you have typed translation or transliterations, you can search them too...

Select search in alphabetic texts...

Selection of type of search

Then type your text (search will disregard case) :

search for non-hieroglyphic text

Wildcard searches

You have now access to more powerful searches, with the * and [...] operators often found in search systems.

To introduce the * in the search, use the corresponding button (indicated by a red arrow in the following figure).

wildcard search

In this example, the result length is limited to 4 signs. It includes both the ir and the t, meaning there can be 0, 1 or 2 signs between them. A limit of 0 is equivalent to "no limit".

Variants in searches

If you select "Extended variants", search result will include texts which contain any variant of your signs as recorded in JSesh.

As w and W are considered as variants, the following search will find occurrences of both p-w and for p-W too.

variant search

As of today, the definition of variants in JSesh lacks a bit of coherence (and data!). Don't expect very reliable results.

Improvements to the hieroglyphic palette

The show all box in the hieroglyphic palette has been modified. Now, it will be used to hide all signs which are considered as variants of a main signs.

The "A" category with all signs displayed:

variant search

The "A" category with variants hidden:

variant search

Note that you can always access the variants of a sign using the button labelled

"m-G17A" in the bottom left of the palette.