Problems with EMF and long lines (pending, needing fixing)

When pasting long lines using the EMF graphical format, the text might appear as striked out :

striked out text

I need to investigate the code for EMF (it's quite certainly linked to the limitations to number values in EMF, but it doesn't affect all points...)


Until the bug is officially fixed, you can use one of the following tactics:

  1. if the lines are too long, copy/paste half lines separately;
  2. use the one picture per quadrant export style;
  3. reduce the line height (in copy/paste preferences), which works if you want to display the whole text in one go; in the following example, I have set the line height to 8pts, for instance: preferences for reduced line height
  4. use another copy/paste format (for instance PDF, which doesn’t seem to suffer from the same problem).

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