Nice (simple) play on determinative


As I was reading Pierre Tallet and Mark Lehner's book on their recent discoveries, Les papyrus de la mer rouge, I decided to encode for the JSesh libraries the text of a small stela in Serabit el-Khadim, for an official called Sobekḥerḥeb. You can find a nice photo of it p. 122 of Valbelle, Bonnet, Le sanctuaire d'Hathor maîtresse de la turquoise.

It has a very simple, yet quite nice, play on determinatives. There is first a ḥtp-dj-nsw.t formula for the kꜣ of sbk-Hr-W4-Sps. Then the autobiography starts with the words : F20:D21-D36:F26-W24:U33-I4-D2-W4-A1-I10:D46:I9.

Notice how, in the funerary part, Sbk-ḥr-ḥb name is determined by Sps, and by A1 in his autobiography ?

Nothing revolutionary here, and quite logical, but interesting nonetheless.

Serge Rosmorduc

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