Revised version of "pack translit"


I'm happy to announce a new version of the "packtranslit" bundle.

Transliteration and Unicode : we all need to transliterate text, but we used to have all sorts of problems with fonts. I have updated my "keyboards", which you can use to type transliteration in an easy way: download

Along those keyboards, I include "EgyptoSerif", a font with the characters needed for transliteration. You can also use Gentium, which is probably prettier (but lacks a few characters, like half brackets).

Note that the Mac version is more advanced than the Windows version, which I did not modify.

The new version includes:

  • a revised set of keyboards, with explanations
  • a revised version of EgyptoSerif (I fixed a problem with yod in one of the encodings).

EgyptoSerif is based on the "DejaVu" font. The main problem is probably that the font size is a bit too large. Feel free to use both the keyboard and the fonts, and to improve them if you want.


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