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JSesh sources are now available on github

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Sites using JSesh

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Alternatives to JSesh

There are a number of other hieroglyphic wordprocessors. Many of them are not distributed anymore, but when they still have a web site, I provide a link.

Mark-Jan is a professor of computer science, and a respected expert in Natural Language Processing.

He has a number of very interesting tools for egyptian and hieroglyphs. They probably lack a bit of user-friendly polish if you want to create data for them, but they are very powerful.

Sites about hieroglyphs

About Hieroglyphs and Unicode

Unicode contains a sizeable number of signs, enough at least to cover most needs for Hieratic texts; from Unicode 12 onward, a number of operators from the Manuel de Codage have been added.

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  1. not active anymore, I put a link to wayback machine.