A preliminary JSesh port for Android

Benjamin Wheeler has written a first working port of JSesh for Android phones. I'm very impressed by the result.

You can find it on github. Please note :

  • you can get the source code from the web site, or alternatively download the "apk" file in your mobile phone (I'll post a video about how to do it)
  • if you don't, please simply wait; at some point, it will be available in a more usable form;
  • I will probably make a short explanatory video, in any case;
  • it's JSesh running on Android, which means the user interface was still designed for desktop computers, and not for a small touch-screen; many manipulations will seem awkward. The application is in a way a proof of concept : the software can technically be adapted to Android;
  • if you have suggestions, feedback, etc... you can send them to bikenkhet (at) gmail (dot) com ;
  • keep in mind it's a very preliminary application, and that the user interface will likely change. For installation instructions, wait a little bit too.

Congratulations again, Benjamin !

Serge Rosmorduc

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