Versions de JSesh

Version 2.7a

This version fixes a problem with cut and paste which occurred at least in the latest updates of Word for Mac 2004: the hieroglyphs ended up way too large.

Besides, there is again a number of new families from S. Thomas: The "D" and "I" families are complete now. (Hence JSesh has now an almost com...

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Version 2.5beta

This version contains minor technical fixes:

  • cartouches width works correctly
  • encapsulated postscript export

And lots of new signs by S. Thomas: complete A, E and F families.

Easy access to the glyphs SVG, for those who need new signs (see

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Version 2.4.16

this release mainly adds new signs to JSesh

  • complete "C", "G", and "H" families: all the gods and birds you wanted, and more.
  • a few signs have been fixed when they contained errors.
  • the data on the "C" family has been completely typed, so that you can see what the palette can do. Find a god si...

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