How to use JSesh for Publication

When you cut and paste JSesh text into Word or Openoffice, the hieroglyphs are copied as vector graphics. It's nice, and will probably print well on your own printer. But what if you want to hand your manuscript to a publisher, for an article or a book?

Things become more complicated there. Normally, vector graphic scale well, and the publisher should be happy with them. But softwares are very sloppy about them. I had many problems on the macintosh, for instance, with Indesign, word, and JSesh.

  • First, JSesh did save its pictures in a microsoft format called WMF... but it was badly interpreted on the mac (or, at least, differently than the way it was on a PC)
  • I then choosed to use an Apple vector format, MacPict. It was great on the Mac. But during the cut and paste from JSesh to Word, Word added a spurious "0" in the end of the picture. As a result, the picture did appear correctly in Word, but InDesign did not like it at all.

So, which way should you go ?

How texts should be transmitted

The easy (but ugly) way: bitmaps

The glorious way of vector graphics


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