Testing JSesh release 7 for Windows

Dear all,

I am testing the possibility to release JSesh 7 as a complete software (no more java to install).

Well, basically, it means that Java is in fact included in JSesh. It will be easier and safer. Now, I must check if there are problems, before building a final, packaged version with an installer.

If you are a brave, fearless tester, with any version of Windows, you can download https://files.qenherkhopeshef.org/jsesh/JSesh-7-test.zip

and then unzip it. You can start JSesh simply by clicking on the owl icon (don't move it thought).

I'm particularly interested in:

  • windows 32 vs windows 64 environments
  • very high resolution machines (also known as "4K" screens).
Serge Rosmorduc

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