Installing JSesh on Linux

A number of people have asked me how to install JSesh on Ubuntu. As Linux users are a bit more expert than usual Windows and Mac Users, and as I had to revert to very specific formats for those two systems, the current "generic" distribution (that is, linux distribution) is very raw.

Anyway, running it is not that difficult. I'm going to demonstrate this with a number of screen captures.

First, you will download the "JSesh for all platforms". It's a zip file:

So unzip it:

The file you need to run it is in the "lib" folder:

It's called something like JSeshAppli-7.2.0.jar (the number can change with version).

If you try to run it with openjdk (or another jdk)...

You will get a security message warning:

Open the properties for the file:

And check the "executable" property:

Now you can open JSesh:

I suggest you then go to the preferences:

And select EMF as embedded copy/paste graphical format for RTF files:

Serge Rosmorduc

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