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The JSesh text library has been extended with a number of new texts, provided by Mustafa Bilgin and Émil Joubert.

  • A full rendering of the Prisse Papyrus, with the teachings of Geminikai (or Kagemni, whatever rendering you prefer), and Ptahotep, typed by Émil Joubert for the online edition of Prisse papyrus
  • five important historical texts :
  • Stela BM EA551 (Horemheb's text in his Memphite tomb)
  • URK IV 103.16-104.13
  • Urk.IV.1-IV.11.10 (autobiography of Ahmose son of Abana)
  • Urk.IV.1228.5-1243.8 (Gebel Barkal Stela of Thutmose III)
  • Urk.IV.137.1-IV.141.9 (Aswan and philae victory inscription of thutmose II)

The texts are not yet available in the latest version of JSesh, but they can be downloaded from github

Serge Rosmorduc

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