Nouvelles de JSesh

New texts!

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The JSesh text library has been extended with a number of new texts, provided by Mustafa Bilgin and Émil Joubert.

  • A full rendering of the Prisse Papyrus, with the teachings of Geminikai (or Kagemni, whatever rendering you prefer), and Ptahotep, typed by Émil Joubert for the online edition of Pr...

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M. Kaan Eraslan, currently doctoral student in the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études, has kindly sent me a version of Sinuhe for inclusion in the JSesh library.

Thanks a lot for this welcome addition !

It will be included in the next versions of JSesh, but meanwhile I give you a link to it.

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Aten Hymn

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Julio Fontan has sent me a while ago a nice version of the Aten Hymn, and has agreed for inclusion of this version in the JSesh text library. Thanks, M. Fontan!

Now, the next version of JSesh is taking some time to be published, as I have to rewrite and reorganize most menus. That's a huge cleanup...

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