JSesh news

Mac OS X, java 8 and JSesh

JSesh currently uses a nice library, called Quaqua, to be more Mac-OSX compatible...

A few signs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st

M. Stuart Ray Banham has sent me a number of signs. Here are two nice glyphs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st.

François Neveu's "The Language of Ramesses".

François Neveu's very good grammar, "La langue des Ramsès", has recently been translated into english, under the title "The Language of Ramesses".

Installing JSesh on recent Macintoshes

From Mac OS X Mountain Lion onward, new Mac OS X machines don't include Java.

Publications récentes

J'ai reçu récemment, envoyés par les auteurs :

Sylvie Cauville & Mohammed Ibrahim Ali, Philæ, itinéraire du visiteur, Peeters 2013

Guide très détaillé du temple de Philæ (328 pages !)

LibreOffice 3.4.3, Mac OS X and JSesh

I have just downloaded LibreOffice 3.4.3 (one of the versions of OpenOffice). And I am very pleased.

At last, the hieroglyphs are antialiased.

New documentation

JSesh documentation will move from the main site to a secondary one : http://jseshdoc.qenherkhopeshef.org.

Beta (or alpha ?) version of JSesh 5.0

If you are fearless, and want to try buggy, incomplete software, and have a look at what the next JSesh will be, you can download it here

An experimental Unicode font for hieroglyphs

I have just published a Unicode font for hieroglyphs.

Aten Hymn

Julio Fontan has sent me a while ago a nice version of the Aten Hymn, and has agreed for inclusion of this version in the JSesh text library. Thanks, M. Fontan!